Bôl’ter is a Portuguese made and designed lingerie brand label from a city in the north of Portugal.

Created in the imagination of Joana Mendes, a self-proclaimed as an one-of-a-kind, with a whole universe on her mind. Lover of the intuition and with a desire of making something different and significant to dedicate her life on.
Joana adores beautiful lingerie and the creative process of making something from a piece of clothing and a glint of an idea, so she decided to take an important step on her life of creating her own brand, that would be in sync with her heart and beliefs.

Joana feels that we should believe we have the power to change the Planet. Devoted to doing her part towards a conscious future, she embraces ecological sustainability and stewardship as a prime responsibility, because if we decide to create something it should not cost the Earth and must be kind to nature.

Designed in her beloved atelier with the belief that lingerie must have the power to unleash an unconscious feeling of desire and well-being with our own bodies.

“It’s like the act of dancing freely and unware of the sound that you’re listening to, only feeling the bit and enjoying the movement – it’s that feeling of full realization of confidence, love and release of your body, that Bôl’ter wants you to feel.”

Can you feel?